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On-site, remote & happy to travel to you!


We offer private, on-site & Remote Agile Training Classes

We created a catalogue of expert, specialist courses for businesses starting out in their Agile journey all the way to already fully formed Agile enterprises wanting to have a more intricate undertsanding for their teams and stakeholders.



Course Title
Who is it for?
Agile Business Change
Stakeholders, Leadership & Change Agents
Agile Fundamentals
Agile Portfolio Management
Leadership, Stakeholders & PMO
Better XP Practices
Developers, Testers & Scrum Masters
Building a Test Automation
Developers, Testers & Scrum Masters
Continuous Delivery & DevOps
Developers, Testers & Architects
Data Driven Product Pipelines
Product Owners & Product Managers
High Performance Teams
Agile Teams & Head of Delivery
Kanban for Better Flow
Agile Teams
Lean Agile Budgeting
Portfolio Management, CFO's & Finance
Realising Organisational Agility
Stakeholders & Leadership
Scaling-Agile Methodology Comparison
Head of Agile, Agile PMO & Leadership
Staying Ahead Of Tech Debt
Agile Teams
User Centric Design Thinking
Product Owners, Product Managers & UX
Value Stream Identification
Leadership & Stakeholders
Writing Better User Stories
Agile Teams
Training course


Course Title
Who is it for?
Leading SAFe 6.0
Stakeholders, Leadership, Management & Agile Team
Registered Product Owner
Product Owners/Managers, Product Professionals & Portfolio Managers
Registered Scrum Master
Agile Team and anyone wanting to further Scrum Knowledge
Registered Scrum@Scale
Agile Teams, Agile Professionals wanting to Scale
SAFe Product Owner/Manager 6.0
Product Owners, Product Managers
SAFe RTE 6.0
Senior Management, VPs, Program and Project Managers, Product Managers, Portfolio Managers & Architects
SAFe Scrum Master 6.0
Scrum Masters, Project Owners & Anyone wanting to learn more about Agile
SAFe for Architects 6.0
System, Solution, and Enterprise architects, Developers
Darren Emery at Ladbrokes Coral PI Planning

Being an experienced Agile delivery consultancy, we are able to guide and shape your training to the specific needs of your organisation.
Because each organisation is different, and has different goals and challenges, we offer a series of modules to build out a unique and bespoke training plan that targets key pain points.

We view our consultancy services as more than just T&M - we want to cultivate genuine partnerships and share successes. 
That’s why, when utilising Agilicist’s Consultancy services, clients accrue training credits which can subsidise training costs.
We also offer 20% discount on 3 or more bookings for any of our public courses.


Certified Courses

We also offer a comprehensive suite of certified courses from leading methodologies such as Scrum Inc and Scaled Agile. Most are two day trainings covering subjects such as:


  • Product Ownership

  • Scrum Mastery

  • Patterns and practices of high performing teams

  • Organising the enterprise around the flow of value

  • Lean portfolio management

2 day courses with 2 trainers

Max class size 16

Private: £9500 (+VAT & expenses)

Public: £845 p/p

Agilicist Agile Fundamentals

One day training course that outlines the concepts, terminology and processes to operate in an Agile environment.


  • From Waterfall to Agile

  • Operating in an Agile Team

  • Understanding and participating in agile ceremonies.

  • Understanding User Stories

  • Estimating

  • Improving throughput

  • Building in quality

1 day course with 2 trainers

Max class size 18 (2 agile teams of 9)

 £5000 (+VAT & expenses)

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If your company are looking for certified or specialised Agile trianing then look no further. Our trainers come with real-world experience and extensive knowledge in all things Agile!

If you have something special you would like us to train then we can create a custom course just for your company. Just fill in the form below!


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