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Teams & Specialists

Agile Team Meeting

Our first class delivery teams operate across a range of roles and skill-sets in software development and product delivery. 

Teams are made up of our core members and supplemented by qualified and knowledgeable specialists with expertise to deliver the business outcomes. 

Typically, clients engage our delivery teams via a dedicated or augmented approach, however we offer bespoke services to match any requirement.


Our augmented delivery offering embeds our team members into client teams. Agilicist team members quickly become part of the in-house delivery team rather than acting as a third party organisation.

delivery consultant


Responsible for transformation delivery,

coaches the programme, escalation point,  primary customer contact

Agile Architecture Lead


Supports an approach to extract product from architecture into an encapsulated product

Agile Test Lead


Creates overarching internal/external test strategies

Drives agile test improvements

Product Specialist


Enables portfolio and programme prioritisation to align with strategic  business outcomes

Agile Devops Lead


Reviews and updates tooling to

enable reporting on key improvement metrics


Allows clients to source pre-formed, managed teams. These teams embed in the client organisation as a separate, permanent, cross-functional delivery teams which take on the delivery of mission critical projects.

Our Typical Agile Software Development Team

Our delivery and business consultants will work alongside you to ensure your Agilicist team has the perfect blend of skills to deliver on your mission brief.

Why Choose An Agilicist Outsourced Agile Software Development Team

Developing software is inherently complex & finding the right expertise is crucial.

Finding expert quality, highly accomplished software developers and testers is difficult. Finding someone highly skilled with dedication, reliability and a can do attitude is even harder.
At Agilicist we pride ourselves in bringing together best-in-class software development expertise and turning them into highly collaborative teams who share a collective purpose: to predictably deliver highly performant, methodically tested products that enable critical business outcomes for our clients.

Virtual Team Meeting

other experts

Agile delivery consultant


Agile Consultancy, digital transformations and senior leadership coaching expertise

Release Train Engineers


Senior agile programme delivery facilitators with expertise in numerous scaled agile solutions

Agile Coaches


Providing specialist Agile knowledge and coaching across teams and programmes

Product managers


Industry aligned product expert to support the delivery of key business outcomes

enterprise & solution Architects


Expertise in modern software architectural design technical governance

Scrum Master Service

Scrum Master as a Service (SMaaS)




Are you frustrated that your project delivery is always late?

Do you want to increase the productivity of your delivery teams?

As an Agile Delivery Consultancy we understand this problem and all of our people do too.

 We have an extensive roster of highly qualified Scrum Masters, Agile Delivery Leads, and Agile Delivery Managers who are primed and ready to seamlessly integrate into your teams.

They all know what it takes to deliver predictably and maximise productivity

Each individual who is part of the Agilicist stable has been through the delivery trenches on digital transformations, product launches, and fixed deadline projects.

We only hire for quality; whatever your requirements you can be guaranteed our people are the best in the industry.

Suzanne robinson - Benchmark Capital

“Agilcist have the highest quality agile leads I’ve come across in my 15 years managing agile delivery teams”

Suzanne Robinson - Head of Engineering and Delivery (Digital)

Benchmark Capital (part of the Schroders Group)

What is SMaaS?

Our Scrum Master as a Service (code-named SMaaS) is a way for organisations to hire talented agile experts without the hassle of long-winded recruitment and the risk of getting in the wrong people.

The way it works is this:​


We coordinate an analysis of your current teams and processes to pinpoint who in our team is the perfect match for your context


We provide you with their CV for review


You meet them for an intro chat


They join your organisation on a 3/6/12 month contract


Job done


What you get

More efficient agile operations and practices

Improved internal and external team communication

Adaptive problem-solving

Better decision making

More predictable delivery

AND… Higher Productivity

Forget the time-consuming recruitment process, leave the risk of hiring dead-wood behind.

 Come direct to Agilicist.

(we offer next day delivery…. …kind of!)


We Love Delivery

and we love talking about it!


  • Are your delivery projects late?

  • Is your digital transformation stalling?

  • Do you have difficulty managing dependencies?

  • Struggling to get business alignment?

  • Needing to increase your software development capacity?

  • Are you looking for Product Owner training or Scrum Master training?

Whatever challenges you are facing, we have the knowledge and expertise in Agile consulting to help you overcome them. Feel free to drop us a line.

+44 (0)20 3322 2296

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