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Agilicist partners Simon, Darren and Abbas

About Us

We are all about delivering higher quality products and services faster and more sustainably.

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who we are

We are Delivery experts based in London with real world experience

Established in 2017, and formed with a blend of specialist knowledge from three crucial aspects of software development: IT Business & Delivery Methodologies. Agilicist provide the perfect platform to guide an organisation of any size, in any industry towards better business outcomes.

We are an Agile consultancy that specialise in helping our customers respond, adapt and grow; building self-reliance for our clients and helping transition knowledge and skills so they can become more agile in their organisation. We offer a blend of bespoke business consultancy, mentoring, training, resourcing and tooling to help reshape and restructure how you deliver change rapidly and sustainably.

Simon Abbas and Darren photo

Meet the Founding Partners

Our Partners are business consultants steeped in experience, blending their deep knowledge of Agile Software Development, Business Strategy and Product Delivery to form Agilicist’s core Agile consultancy offering.


Why Agilicist

Agilicist have digitally transformed multiple clients by employing Agile methodologies to instil business-wide agility. We are not your usual corporate deliverer of change; we have been on the ground and actually delivering – we have the expertise and the battle scars.

We believe in aligning organisations with the goals of their customers and executing with clearly defined objectives and measurable outcomes. To do this, we create environments that ignite people’s passion, creativity and commitment; creating conditions for agility to flourish.

We Are Different.

Our embedded Agile teams cover the full end-to-end delivery cycle and can augment your permanent teams on any project. Our senior consultants collaborate across a wide range of disciplines helping you strengthen your software development capabilities to provide the complete solution for innovating,

Case Studies

Five Star Rating

"Training can be hard going at the best of times but the Agilicist team made this two day course both engaging and informative whilst also fun and relaxed. It's one thing to deliver content but quite another to help someone learn, and this is where Agilicist have the edge".

Phil, Product Owner

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