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Delivery Consultancy with a Difference

Industry Leading guidance from a team with real-world delivery experience.


We've built our reputation on driving pragmatic Agile delivery approaches and digital transformations that best fit an organisation's unique context.

Every business is different, each with their own set of distinctive challenges. What works in one company doesn't necessarily work in another.
We tailor bespoke agile software development solutions that help you deliver higher quality products and better business outcomes.


Our Lean-Agile Consultancy helps client achieve objectives - we provide the experts, the ideas and the tooling.



To realise true agility across an organisation, the goal is not simply to adopt Agile, it’s to deliver better business outcomes


We help organisations connect their culture to their values. 


We help organisations increase transparency and alignment by defining objectives and measurable outcomes.


We help craft and pilot an approach to your transformation, with defined metrics that guide and inform your progress.

We believe in gathering data first, and using that data to drive more informed decisions.

Ladbrokes Coral Abbas consulting


Our consultants have  worked in highly complex and regulated  environments


They serve the strategic level and bring specific expertise and specialist knowledge


They help navigate roadblocks and tailor strategies to resolve organisational challenges.

They have facilitated mergers and acquisitions, overseen large migrations and major product launches.


Support from an outside-in view can often be the trigger you need to self-improve.



We supplement and support your delivery function with our delivery teams and personnel. Our approach is a collaborative one; increasing transparency across your delivery function


We cover all delivery roles from Product Owner to Scrum Master to Automation Tester.


Our teams will work with yours from ideation to deployment.


We help instill processes and practices to increase quality and real incremental improvements to your delivery pipeline.

With augmented teams, you have a platform to build a delivery function that stops starting and starts finishing.


Audit & Advisory

For large organisations who use global consultancies to manage their agile transformations: We offer agile auditing services

Audit & Agile Expertise

“There are many good reasons for choosing a global consultancy. 

 There are even more good reasons to manage them effectively.”

Review & Assess

Global consultancy firms provide a wide range of services and have the brand and size to provide shareholders with the comfort they need. 


When comparing the merits of multi vendor proposals or the performance of existing engagements, it can be time consuming and very difficult to judge without existing in-house expertise.



The act of appointing Agilicist as an independent, transparent and trusted agile adviser, dissolves many of the challenges clients have with large scale consultancy transformations. Our defined remit is to deliver the client’s mandate. 



Ensuring the success of any agile implementation requires a well thought out lightweight and transparent governance model. We help examine the proposed approach from the start, to ensure the baseline is right, protecting your ability to track improvement in the future.



Are you getting the solution your business and customers need – or are you receiving the solution the large consultancy knows how to provide? 

We are experts in the industry standard agile frameworks and many custom approaches and know when to use them. With our experience we can evaluate suggested options from consultancy firms to help you choose the best approach.



Are you getting the A-Team you’ve been sold? Are you getting the knowledge transfer you were promised? Is it sustainable?


We work with you to ensure you get the very best business outcomes. We know what works and what “good looks like”. Focussing the goal – to ensure delivery of what you need – and not simply what the consultancy wants to deliver.


Image by Alessio Soggetti

big room PLANNING

With over 300 live PI Planning events run over the last 6 years from large FTSE 100 companies to small start-ups across a wide range of industries and countries. We know PI Planning.


Are you a small to medium size business that's grown rapidly, is new to the Scaled Framework methodology, or doesn’t have the right tooling to host a PI Planning in house? Or are you a large enterprise facing the struggles posed by having to organise and align a vast number of teams for the planning?


Regardless of the scale or challenges, we can provide you with the tools, facilitation, and expertise requiredfor a successful PI Planning.


We understand that it's is not always convenient getting every team member on site for three days or that there maybe difficulties getting all your over seas teams together. Therefore we can provide a fully functional digital PI Planning with the help of the incredible tool BigAgile......

big room planning using bigagile.jpg
Big Room Planning for large enterprise client

planning services


Full Digital Support

Preparing and coordinating a digital PI Planning event can be labourious and feel overwhelming even to the greatest of logistical wizards. Our digital support offering includes the full spectrum of organisational, content, and logistical support your business needs to host a successful PI Planning event online. We do the heavy-lifting, while you focus on building the plan that best delivers your vision.


Big Room/Hybrid Support

In-person PI Planning is incredibly effective, but we get that organising and facilitating it whilst also trying to actively participate, can one balls too many to juggle. Our Big Room Planning service is designed to remove the complexity from your planning experience. We'll organise a venue, the catering, and provide the materials and expert facilitation, so you can fully immerse yourself in the planning experience. We also recommend this option If you're considering a hybrid event.


Facilitation Only

Having experienced RTE and Scrum Masters to facilitate your PI Planning event can be the make or break of its success. With 150 PI Plannings under our belt, we have all the experts professionals required to keep your teams and stakeholders on track, whilst every agenda item is given the time and attention it requires. Our RTEs/Scrum Masters will work with you to establish the best approach for your organisation and are available for fully remote, hybrid, and big room events.


"Increasing your business agility is simple, but it isn’t easy. It is vital to get the execution right – that’s where Agilicist come in"

BigAgile logo


As Agile practitioners dealing with medium-large Agile deliveries, we have struggled for a long time to find good tools to help us plan and manage our products and programmes. We created BigAgile out of necessity… for us first and foremost. Having created such a useful product, and knowing  the value it provides for organisations across  industries, it made sense to offer it as a SaaS solution.

A complete solution for Agile organisations to plan, track and manage their product and portfolio delivery in a central place. Manage cross-team dependencies and risks, track progress against milestones and OKRs, forecast a product roadmap... and much, much more. 

case study 

ladbrokes coral_edited_edited.png


Increase in Delivery Predictability


Increase in gross revenue


of staff (including suppliers) would recommend the process

We Love Delivery

and we love talking about it!

  • Are your delivery projects late?

  • Is your digital transformation stalling?

  • Do you have difficulty managing dependencies?

  • Struggling to get business alignment?

  • Needing to increase your software development capacity?

  • Are you looking for Product Owner training or Scrum Master training?

Whatever challenges you are facing, we have the knowledge and expertise in Agile consulting to help you overcome them. Feel free to drop us a line.

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