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The No1 #agileframework!

With all this talk, I’m going to share the best #agileframework out there.

This framework helped Agilicist drive multiple successful transformations.

Ready? Here you go…

There isn’t one. Are you joking?

Why do people persist in trying to find “the perfect methodology”, as if it was some secret sauce that could automatically fix all your organisation's problems?

You’ll have a better chance taking mindset advice from Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss.

Here’s what to do instead:

Align your operations with the goals of your customers.

You MUST create the right conditions for “#agile” to thrive, as opposed to simply teaching people a new process or mindset.

Your #transformation is about removing barriers to make that happen.

All frameworks are wrong, but some are useful.

It all depends on context - what do you value? What do your customers value? Where are you now? And, where do you want to get to?

Start there, that’s your ticket to success.



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