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47% of Agile Transformations Fail.

47% of Agile Transformations Fail.


Because companies do one of these two things:

They focus on Practices

They think that doing Stand Ups, Sprint Planning and using story points is going to make their organisation “agile”.

They think that by creating the role of Scrum Master and filling it with Project Managers they are going to become more predictable.

And then they wonder why all of these impediments that are now visible aren’t magically resolving themselves?

They focus on Culture

They think they are a progressive company; that they understand “Agile” - it’s just a mindset.

They think that by getting in a bunch of Agile Coaches they can get everyone else to change their mind and become more adaptive.

And then they wonder why no tangible business benefits are delivered in the first year (or the second, or the third)

Don’t be like these companies. Agilicist clients range from 5 team start-ups to 120 team FTSE 100 organisations, and they all know…

…there is another way:

Focus on the System

Successful transformations view the entire organisation as a system and seek to optimise it.

They are focussed on forming teams, on the flow of value, on alignment.

They create an environment whereby their underlying system of delivery is supported in a way that allows the right behaviours and practices to emerge.

Focus on the right thing, don’t be one of the 47%.


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