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The Collaborative Culture in Agile is Flawed

The first Agile Kick-About in 2023 and what a way to ‘Kick Off’!” The collaborative culture of Agile is flawed because individual’s incentives for promotions outweigh their commitment to the team.

The Agile Kick-About – Are Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches No Longer Needed? With Johnathan Lucky

Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches, are they needed? We chat with Johnathan Lucky – Agile Delivery Lead from London (via the USA) to get his perspective.

A Woman’s Worth’

‘The difference in behaviours between men & women in the workplace’ With Natalie Seatter, Chief Product Officer – OAG & Jo French, Business Transformation Director – Schroders.

The Latest Articles by Agilicist

Say Hello to SAFe 6.0!

Following its ethos for continuous improvement, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has recently announced SAFe 6.0 – an updated and evolved version of the Framework. Here are a couple of the major changes we spotted.   Language changes: You can view the full updated vocabulary list here, but what rubbed us the most was the […]

Agile Conferences & Meet-Ups: UK & Europe 2023


In 2020, the savvy tech-giant, Bill Gates, predicted a 50% drop in work-related travel post-pandemic, since “physically sit[ting] in front of someone else to discuss something in person won’t be the ‘gold standard’ anymore,” and he runs the world so who are we to argue!? Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic saw day-to-day work, professional events, and […]

Social Conformity Leadership and Cultural Change

leadership and social conformity

I recently saw a video on social conformity that caught my eye, a modern take of the classic psychology experiment by Asch (1951). The video shows a group of people, majority actors and one being the ‘test subject’ sitting in a waiting room and rising everytime there is a beep. The ‘test subject’ eventually joins in, […]

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