Organisational Agility

Becoming Agile In A Fast Paced World

Becoming agile in a fast paced world

Any organization can become agile, but agility is not a purpose in itself; it’s the means to a broader purpose.

The reasons for moving to a lean-agile culture need to be explicit and visible to all – backed up by the entire leadership team – in order to realise success. There also needs to be a realisation and willingness to sacrifice fundamental parts of the current way of working: traditional hierarchy, detailed planning and solution steering in favour of empowered teams and experimentation. The prize is an organisation that is ready to face any challenge.

Our Approach

Agilicist promote a 3 step approach to realise true agility at scale across the organisation

Navigational Agility

Creating purpose, meaning and direction through consistent, invested and resilient leadership. Setting the destination and defining the end-state vision from the outset is crucial.

  • Structure
  • Portfolio
  • Metrics

Operational Agility

The ability of the organisation to exploit opportunities more quickly, effectively and consistently than its competitors; creating better products which are delivered faster.

  • Teams
  • Practices
  • Processes

Cultural Agility

Instilling innovation, learning and collaboration through the development of people, teams and environments to encourage an agile mindset and behaviours across the organisation.

  • Coaching
  • Advocates
  • Improvement

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