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Agile Training With Agilicist

We are not your average Lean Agile training company, we are a Agile consultancy with delivery at the core. Training helps guide your journey to better delivery. With Agilicist, you won’t simply get the text book material – we don’t just train the theory. We have experienced the pain, the hard deadlines, the things that worked and importantly, the things that didn’t. We specialise in Scrum training and Scaled Agile training however we also offer a large range of bespoke Agile courses.

We Are Different.

We are a little different from the rest, but don’t take our word for it – listen to our customers…

At each section of the workshop, everything was explained in detail and their industry experiences were shared freely with us, so we had personal insight and that was awesome. I would recommend booking a course with Agilicist because they were brilliant!

Mthoko, Agile Coach

Our Training Sessions

Our current schedule of public Scaled Agile Framework training courses and Scrum courses are listed below. Whether you are interested in the SAFe product Owner training Course or the Scrum Master training course by Scrum Inc we have many available to choose from. If you don't see them below please don't be shy and contact us for future dates. We can also accommodate alternative dates for groups of four or more people. Get in touch directly on 02033222296

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Bespoke Agile Training with Agilicist

We offer a number of different training courses outside of the standard certifications, these include;

  • Realising Organisational Agility

  • Scaling-Agile Methodology Comparison

  • Agile Portfolio Management

  • Value Stream Identification

  • Data Driven Product Pipelines

  • User Centric Design Thinking

  • Continuous Delivery & Dev Ops

  • Writing Better User Stories

  • Kanban for Better Flow

  • Building a Test Automation

  • Better XP Practices

  • Lean Agile Budgeting

  • Staying Ahead of Tech Debt

  • High Performance Teams

    Should you have any interest in any of these bespoke classes please contact us directly and we can schedule a call to understand your full requirements


It’s not just about the exam.

Modern Agile and Scrum is a certification-laden minefield. Getting the certificate doesn’t mean one can do the job! Our trainers run through the textbook but importantly, help the delegate align to their own context to give the best chance of hitting the ground running back at base.


We’re not just trainers

All of our trainers have been on the other side, your side. We have worked on the ground in leadership, product and delivery roles across a wide range of industries. In every session we run, our SAFe and Scrum trainers share their experiences and expertise to promote maximum understanding.


We don’t just lecture

If learning isn’t fun, it won’t be effective. Our training is built around the key ingredient in any learning experience: engagement. We supplement the textbook with activities, games and humour to ensure a compelling experience; that way knowledge retention is maximised.

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