About Us

We are all about delivering higher quality products and services faster and more sustainably.

Who we are

Established in 2017, and formed with a blend of specialist knowledge from three crucial aspects of software development: IT Business & Delivery Methodologies. Agilicist provide the perfect platform to guide an organisation of any size, in any industry towards better business outcomes.

We are an agile consultancy that specialise in helping our customers respond, adapt and grow; building self-reliance for our clients and helping transition knowledge and skills so they can become more agile in their organisation. We offer a blend of bespoke consultancy, mentoring, training, resourcing and tooling to help reshape and restructure how you deliver change rapidly and sustainably.


By supporting and supplementing your delivery function we drive incremental improvement of your delivery pipeline. From ideation to releasing customer value, we instill the processes and practices to enable your teams to increase quality and reduce lead-time.

Our approach is a collaborative one; designed to increase transparency across the organisation. We believe in gathering the data first, and using that data to drive quicker and more informed decisions. When you have a baseline, you have a platform to build a delivery function that stops starting and starts finishing.


To realise true agility across an organisation, the overall goal is not simply to adopt Agile, it’s to deliver better business outcomes. We help organisations imbed Agile principles and practices in order to connect their values with those of the customer. To successfully align and increase transparency across the whole organisation you need a process that can be planned and executed with clearly defined objectives and measurable outcomes.

We help craft and pilot an approach to every transformation; pre-defined metrics guide and inform our progress and we iterate based upon new information to assist the organisation’s evolution.


We offer periodic agile health checks to provide insight into how well the organisation is currently implementing agile across the business. From backlog management, technical engineering practices and operations to roles, responsibilities and the climate of culture; our team of experts work with your teams and stakeholders gathering feedback via interviews and direct observations to produce a Findings and Recommendations report and presentation.

This enables the creation of an improvement backlog with supporting actions to provide a clear pathway to success.


Our agile consultants have worked in highly complex and regulated environments. They have facilitated mergers and acquisitions, overseen large migrations and major new product launches. They serve at the strategic level and bring specific expertise and specialist knowledge to every engagement.

They help navigate roadblocks and tailor strategies to quickly resolve challenges that are preventing the organisation from achieving the desired results - guiding towards better outcomes.

Why Agilicist

Agilicist have transformed multiple clients by employing Agile methodologies to instill business-wide agility. We are not your usual corporate deliverer of change; we have been on the ground and actually delivering – we have the expertise and the battle scars.

We believe in aligning organisations with the goals of their customers and executing with clearly defined objectives and measurable outcomes. To do this, we create environments that ignite people’s passion, creativity and commitment; creating conditions for agility to flourish.

We are different.

Our embedded agile teams cover the full end-to-end delivery cycle and can augment your permanent teams on any project. Our experts collaborate across a wide range of disciplines helping you strengthen your development capabilities to provide the complete solution for innovating,
Training can be hard going at the best of times but the Agilicist team made this two day course both engaging and informative whilst also fun and relaxed. It's one thing to deliver content but quite another to help someone learn, and this is where Agilicist have the edge.
Phil, Product Owner

Specialist Agile Consulting Experts

Agile is not about being cool, it’s about delivering better business outcomes. We are all about delivering higher quality products and services faster and more sustainably.

The Founding Partners

Partners steeped in experience, blending their deep knowledge of Software Development, Business Strategy and Product Delivery to form Agilicist’s core agile consultancy offering.


Abbas Dhanani

Abbas is an all-round technologist who specialises in Agile coaching and transformations but particularly in scaling agile for the enterprise. Having cut his teeth as a PRINCE 2 project manager Abbas has considerable first-hand experience with the complexities that large companies have when moving to agile.

He has over 15 years’ experience across a number of sectors and has contracted for various reputable firms including: Ernst & Young, Financial Conduct Authority, London Stock Exchange, Springer Healthcare, Royal Mail, Worldpay, LadbrokesCoral and PA Consulting

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Darren Emery

Darren is an industry expert at integrating lean and agile principles with the world of PMO and governance.

His entrepreneurial background leads him to be particularly adept at helping organisations shape their portfolio to better align with product and delivery.

Passionate about maximising performance and realising better business outcomes, Darren has headed up several organisational transformations; including a FTSE 100 Sports Betting firm where he led a development team of 250 people to increase gross revenue by 60.5%

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Simon Maurer

Simon has over 20 years experience in delivery, starting his career as a developer.

He worked his way up through a plethora of technical and delivery roles to become a Programme Manager in charge of large scale, multi-million pound transformations.

He has worked in a range of industries including Sports Betting, Financial Services, Regulation, Insurance, Fast-moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Leisure/Tourism, Telecoms, and DotCom. He has literally seen it, done it and delivered it.

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A Few Of Our Consultants

Our team cover off the entire spectrum of delivery skills & have worked in highly complex, regulated environments across industries.


Graham Bates

Graham has 17 years of experience across multiple sectors in the technology space, including infrastructure, Quality Assurance and programme management.
He has spent the last 7 years working in Cyber Security specialising in Agile coaching, transformation and organisational change.

Graham has trained hundreds of professionals around the world in agile and servant leadership, from C suite to graduates level.


Adeeb Khan

Adeeb is a forward-thinking Agile Product specialist, with extensive international experience in the management and orchestration of world class disruptive customer-first, culture-first and data-first innovation products.

He has extensive experience in leading and executing experiment-led, cross-functional environments that embrace Design Thinking, Lean UX, Innovation Accounting, SAFe and Scrum as core competencies to drive market differentiation, business agility and customer adoption.


Natalie Seatter

Natalie has been leading Agile delivery and development teams since 2012. She has worked in a variety of industries and sectors including Payments, Charity, Innovation Start Up, Lottery and Aviation Data. Natalie excels at delivering complex and challenging digital transformation programmes and driving enterprise agile transformation at scale.

She is highly experienced in driving culture change through the embedding of Lencioni principles, Natalie puts the focus on people, purpose and autonomy to drive delivery and transformation.


Adam Scoot

Adam is an agile coach and transformation lead with over 14 years of agile experience in multiple business sectors including automotive, education, financial, petrochemical, public sector, retail and technology.

He is method agnostic and uses data driven decision making to facilitate outcome based change. Adam enjoys mentoring and coaching senior leaders and teams, making technical problems accessible to non technical people, defining roadmapping and delivering business and technical agile change.

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